Weekly Wrap Up- The Official Summer Edition- Volume 2- The In Between Week

This week was an in between week.  We came home from the beach last Friday evening and today Jason and Charles left for a missions trip to Cleveland, Ohio with our church.

We used part of the week to finish up reading The Last Battle, the last of our Further Up and Further In unit study.  This has become one of my favorite books in the series.  I wrote about it here.

Charles also finished up Saxon 65 on Monday.  I think we were both overjoyed!  Now he and Kathryne are both officially ready to begin 76.

I used much of the week to wash, clean house, and get Charles’s clothes ready to repack for today’s trip.  I also had to meal plan and grocery shop after our return from the beach.

On Tuesday we had homeschooling friends who moved out of town last summer come and visit.  They spent the night.  We had a wonderful visit.  This is the friend I’ve often brainstormed about school stuff with, so I am now inspired to sit and plan out next year beyond the general quarterly plans I’ve already done.

This week will be strange because of Jason and Charles being gone.  It will be the only time in most of our married life that I have been away from Jason for more than a day or two and the first time ever I’ve not been with Charles for more than a day or two. This week is VBS at our church, so the girls and I will stay busy with that, I hope.

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