2011/12 Curriculum Choices

I have been doing school since June actually (with the month of July off), but I am just now getting around to writing a curriculum post.  Perhaps it is more of an organizational type post.  I did start back in the summer again this year, but I am planning to do things differently next year.  So, our year will be:

Quarter 1- August-October
Quarter 2- November-February
Quarter 3- March-May
Quarter 4-June-July (vacation)

Now, just for fun (because I know you’re all just dying to know), here are the subjects we are studying and who’s using what curriculum:

Bible: We are all reading through the Bible with a 90 day overview plan (three days a week).  We are going through the Westminster Shorter Catechism (two days a week).  Kathryne and Charles are completing an Answers in Genesis apologetics course- It All Begins in Genesis (one day a week).  And everyone is doing AWANA.

Literature Unit:
    Kathryne- Where the Brook and River Meet (Anne of Green Gables)
    Charles- Literary Lessons from Lord of the Rings (The plan is to do half this year and finish next year.)
    Ashlyne and Rachel- The Prairie Primer (Little House on the Prairie books- I plan to do half this year.)

    Kathryne and Charles- Analytical Grammar Season one
    Ashlyne- finish Letters and Sounds 1 (ABEKA)  from last year
    Rachel- I had intended to keep trying to plug along in Letters and Sounds K, but phonics/reading is sooo hard for her still that I quickly reevaluated and ordered her a Spectrum phonics for 1st grade.

    Kathryne and Charles- Saxon 7/6
    Ashlyne- Saxon 2
    Rachel- Spectrum 1st

   Ashlyne- Happy Scribe copywork
   Rachel- Handwriting Without Tears Letters and Numbers for Me

Science: Apologia General Science– Ashlyne and Rachel are listening to the readings also, but their unit study includes science.

History: Truthquest Age of Revolution III- Ashlyne and Rachel are listening also, but their unit study includes history.

Music: Listening to Classics for Kids each week- choir for Ashlyne, Rachel, and Charles

Picture Study: Studying artist mini post cards- Mary Cassat the first semester and Cezanne the second

Shakespeare: We are moving on from reading from Lamb’s Tales and Beautiful Stories to reading the actual plays this year.  We’re studying A Midsummer Night’s Dream the first semester and Romeo and Juliet the second.  Ashlyne and Rachel listen in, but I think for them, I’m still going to read some of the story versions.

Latin:  Kathryne and Charles are continuing with Latin for Children primer B.  Ashlyne and Rachel watch the DVDs also.

Spanish: Rosetta Stone Spanish only for Kathryne and Charles

Logic: Introductory Logic– only for Kathryne and Charles

Now, I am sure you are all sufficiently thrilled and amazed.  After one full week of regular school, we are on track with our plans. I make that statement because this may be the only time this year I can say that. It is quite a struggle juggling my two more independent learners with my two less independent learners.  And, I think we have quite a few more subjects to cover this year.  Or maybe it only seems that way because some things are separate that were together last year.  Anyway, we shall see step by step and day by day.  And I’m sure that each day we will learn something.  Even if it isn’t exactly what I intended.

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