Sometimes I Forget...

Sometimes I forget just how big God is.  I changed several things in our curriculum this year.  I had different reasons- not enough depth in what we were using, the desire to have a more Biblical focus, recommendations from others.  I know, on an intellectual level, that God is in control of ALL things and that He knows best what my children need in our schooling endeavors.  But, sometimes I forget on a heart level.  I think I am in control, and I’m choosing this curriculum.  I’m calling the shots because, obviously, I know what my kids need.

Not so. As we have started into our new curricula in more depth, I am seeing again and again how God is using this to work in the hearts and lives of my kids and in my life as well.  In science (Apologia), we are constantly learning about how our Biblical worldview shapes our thinking about science.  In history (Truthquest) we are constantly evaluating the changes in our culture in the light of a Biblical worldview.  And of course we have our Apologetics course from Answers in Genesis that I just “happened” to stumble upon at the homeschool convention.  To top it all off, guess what topic our youth group started in with this semester- Godview!

Over and over I am having the opportunity to talk with the kids about important issues- how they view the world, how they view life, and how they view God.  I am amazed anew at God’s work in all the little details of our lives.  And I am so thankful to be on this homeschooling journey that gives me the privilege of sharing the truth in my kids’ lives in so many ways.

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