Weekly Wrap Up- The Desperately Busy Edition (Pt. 1)

Last week was very, shall we say, challenging. I posted about it on my other blog- I’m Livin’ My Dream.  This week was much easier in most ways, but it was very busy.  The next two weeks will be equally busy.  I was pleasantly surprised by how much school we were able to accomplish.

Monday, we had a fairly normal day- school, gymnastics, and soccer.  Jason headed up to Charlotte to pick up our new van (see the post about last week), so I had gymnastics and soccer to handle.  Thankfully my mom helped with the shuffle.

Tuesday, Kathryne had a doctor’s appointment with the orthopedic surgeon to look at her shoulders which have been causing her problems.  Jason’s mom stayed with the others.  When I came home, we still had time to do some of our together work.  Tuesday afternoon was a drama class for Kathryne- the first one with this group.  She really enjoyed it and is looking forward to the class and the production of Alladin at the end.

Wednesday was another normal day of school and then church activities.  The kids went home with Jason’s mom to spend the night; so they had the day off school Thursday, and I had some alone time.

Thursday, I went out to lunch with my high school English teacher.  It was so much fun to catch up and chat.  Thursday afternoon was gymnastics and then Charles’s soccer kickoff.

Today was mostly normal school.  I had to run out to get groceries as I had put it off for so long we were about to eat the table!  This afternoon was gymnastics and a birthday party for Charles.  The guys are gone tonight to the mountains to hang out with friends, so the girls and I are home alone.

We have another pretty busy week coming up next week with several field trips.

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