Weekly Wrap Up- The Getting Into the Groove Edition

We are deeply entrenched into our school schedule now.  Well, maybe not deeply, but we are getting there.

I am noticing that it is taking longer to get school work done this year- something I expected now that I have two middle schoolers.  I'm pleasantly surprised at how well the older kids are responding to the increased amount of work.  I tried to really prepare them, but I was a little concerned.  Most days I am finished with our together work- Bible, history, and science- by 11, leaving them an hour before lunch and however long they need after to do independent work.  I also get together with just the older kids sometime around 1:30 and do Latin, logic, and apologetics (although not all on the same day!).

We have quite a bit of extracurricular activity going on this year.  We'll be doing science with our science group twice a month.  Charles is doing soccer.  And Ashlyne is now up to 6 hours a week in the gym for gymnastics- plus an extra private lesson most weeks.  Ashlyne and Rachel are doing choir and AWANA at church.  Kathryne is helping in AWANA and Sunday School.  Charles is in the middle school choir.  And Kathryne and Charles are both attending our middle school weekly program.  Whew.  Even looking at it makes me tired.

Highlights this week:

*I am loving our Truthquest history.  I'm pretty sure the kids are too.  I read aloud, and they almost always want me to read more.  I only wish I had started Truthquest sooner.  This week we read about New Zealand and Australia- commonwealths of England.
*We are also enjoying Apologia General Science.  I have the little girls listen along and do some of the experiments with us.  Today the older kids had to use the scientific method to discover why a flashlight would no longer work.
*Ashlyne and Rachel and I are reading Little House in the Big Woods as part of The Prairie Primer.  I am so amazed at Rachel's narrations this year.  Last year, I had to struggle to get her to narrate one sentence.  Now she always wants to go first and has great recall of the story!

Monday, we'll be taking school off as Daddy will be home on Labor Day, so we'll have a short week coming up.

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  1. Isn't it nice when it falls together nicely :)
    We seem to be there, too. We will be moving the 13th so we will take the 9th through the 16th off. That means school on Labor Day for us. That's okay...I can pull out some resources and we can learn more about it again.
    Hope your coming week (and weekend) are great!

  2. My little girl who is also 6 does 5 hours a week at the gym. Is your daughter on the competetive team? This is my daughter's second year. I will look forward to following another "gymnastic" family that has a child the age of my little gymnast!

  3. My daughter is currently on what is called a "specialty team." The next level for her is the competitive team- level 4. We're enjoying it, but it is a rough schedule.

  4. Sounds like you're going to have a busy year. I'm glad it's starting out well.
    Janet W


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