Weekly Wrap Up- The Slow Down and Write One Edition

This week started with Monday (don't they all), and we did some school around the house and then headed to science club where we dissected crayfish.  Uggh.  I'm glad I have friends who are brave enough to attempt this.  My loving daughter pointed out that I was the only mom who put on rubber gloves before I would handle the dead critters.  I also did that last week when we dissected the earthworms and was the only one.  Yes, that's me folks.  Call me sqeamish.

On Tuesday, we did some more school and then headed to Ladies Bible Study.  This is something I've done a few times in previous years but hoped would work better this year since all of my children have outgrown that nap slot.  The ladies meet and study the Bible, fellowship, and such.  While the large group of homeschooled children hangs out and plays and socializes.  I am enjoying the study.  I have still one child (who shall remain nameless) who would prefer I not leave him (hint hint) in a group where he doesn't know anyone well.  But, he's warming up, and I think this week was better than last for him.  After Ladies Bible Study, I took Kathryne to her drama class and sped home to make supper.

On Wednesday, we actually stayed home until 4:00pm.   Hooray!  We had a whole day for school, then to the library (where I paid for another wing to be added on with my fines) and to church.

Thursday, we had a little set back.  We were supposed to do some school and then go play with friends, but Kathryne didn't feel well, so we backed up and punted; stayed home; and took the day off to rest.

On Friday, we had a fairly normal day's school and then gymnastics (which is Monday, Thursday, and Friday, but starts earlier on Friday).

Ah, deep breath now.  The week is done.  Next week is actually looking slightly calmer.  I'm very glad!

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  1. I so would have been wearing gloves too!

    Some of our best days are those in which we stay home by choice or because someone is feeling under the weather. Hope everyone is feeling better now:)


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