Weekly Wrap Up-The Fizzled Out Edition

I’ve been struggling along for a few weeks now feeling overwhelmed with life in general.  Money seems tight.  Time seems short.  Tasks seem big.  I’ve been in a bit of slump, feeling like we need to get things done- yet somehow stuck and not really moving toward what needs to be done.  I’ve actually avoided writing a wrap up for a couple of weeks because I’m feeling so stuck in a rut.  I’d like to be able to sit down and write an inspiring post about what an amazing, productive week we’ve had and what wonderful and creative things we’ve done.  But, this isn’t going to be that post.  Sorry to disappoint.

On Monday, we did accomplish some school work.  We had science club Monday afternoon- hosted at my house this month.  I actually liked the experiments we did.  They came from a chemistry kit from Discovery Kids.  There were some pretty neat projects that required little prep work from me and resulted in a good time had by all.

On Tuesday, we didn’t do too much.  I had originally planned to do minimal work because we were going to play/hang out with some friends.  They had to cancel, so we stayed home.  But, I used the time to organize myself and get to the grocery store.

On Wednesday, the kids did mostly independent work.  I had a physical therapy appointment.  This is something I think I really need but which will involve two days a week somehow- working them into my already packed schedule.

Thursday and today, Jason took two days off of work to work on some things around our house and a rental property we own.  I used this as a good excuse not to do school.  Last night was the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn, the fourth Twilight movie.  I stayed up and went with some friends.   It was sooo much fun, but the resulting draggy and slumped feeling was not exactly what I needed to improve my outlook.  I’ve not accomplished much today.

I did bring some focus to my life yesterday with a day by day list of what I need to get through before Christmas.  I’m hoping that motivation (and a good night’s sleep) will spur me on to bigger and better things next week.  (Thanksgiving break won’t hurt either!)

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