An Excellent Resource From New Leaf Publishing

We use and have used many great resources from New Leaf Publishing in our school.  I’ve used the science curriculum from Answers in Genesis.  I have the original A is for Adam and D is for Dinosaur books for young children.  We have the wonderful Big Book of History– a  big book with a fold out timeline. There are just so many great resources for encouraging a Biblical world view in my children.

I was very excited to review the new Answers Book for Teens.  My children have grown up being taught a Christian worldview and how to defend their faith.  And I’ve used many of the resources I listed above to do that.  But, as my oldest children approach their teen years, I wanted to reinforce what I’ve been teaching with something that was cool and relevant looking but still had the same solid message.

This book has an interesting and appealing format that draws teens in to read.  And authors Bodie Hodge, Ken Ham, and Tommy Mitchell aren’t afraid to tackle the tough questions.  They don’t encourage teens to not ask.  Instead, they give solid, Biblical answers to the hard questions that teens have.

 The Answers Book For Teens is divided into fifteen questions.  Each question is answered in an easy to understand way, but the answers aren’t “dumbed down.” Instead, they are sincere answers that are supported by much scripture. Throughout the answers, a Christian worldview is enforced again and again and a clear gospel message is given.

Teaching my children a Christian worldview and helping them to form their own beliefs and understand why they believe that way is very important to me.  I’m happy to have this as a resource and a great addition to our library.

I received a free copy of this book from New Leaf Publishing.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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