New Year, New School Plans

One of the best things about homeschooling is that I can change and adjust what we are doing for school as it fits (or doesn’t fit) for us.  When we take a break for Christmas, I take time to reflect on what we’ve been doing and what’s working and what’s not.  Even though January doesn’t technically start a new school year, life seems to reset or restart in January, the new year.  So, it is natural that our goals and plans for school can also.

In January, I’m going to be participating in a virtual curriculum fair.  This will outline in some detail what I’m loving and what I’m leaving in curriculum for the new year.

Homeschooling Hearts & Minds

For now, here are some overall changes I know I’m making: goals for the new year in our homeschool, if you will.
1.  Start school earlier.  We’ve slipped into a go to bed later and later and get up later and later mode.  We are night people, and I don’t mind a later bedtime and a later start to our day.  But, I do think we need to get back to being more consistent about a start time, so that we are through with school before so late.  I’d like to be starting close to 9am every morning.
2.  No ipods during school time.  The older kids have slipped into this bad habit also.  They will plan on “just checking email,” but it turns into a game played here and there and time wasted.  I’m planning to lock apps on the ipods until all school work is completed.
3.  Make trips/classes planned during school hours rare.  I find that if we don’t do school first, it doesn’t get done.  Knowing this, I really need to be careful not to plan to go places during the hours that we need to do school.  Trips and extra activities should be done in the later afternoon when at all possible.
4.  Stick to the schedule for those classes that don’t need to be daily.  Latin, apologetics, logic, picture study, music, Shakespeare all seem to get shuffled to the side when we are busy with other things.  I really want these subjects to be done during every week.  I need to ensure that it happens.

I’m thankful for a new and fresh start for the new year!

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