Weekly Wrap Up- The After Thanksgiving Edition

Well, Thanksgiving is officially over, and the Christmas season is upon us.  Jason and I joined the other crazies on Black Friday to get a large part of Christmas shopping done.  And on Sunday we put up our Advent wreath and Christmas tree.  This week, we started our Jesse Tree devotions on December 1, we had a field trip, and we had a Christmas cookie making day with friends.  It was a good start to the Christmas season.

Monday– We hosted science at our house.  This was the second week of a two week chemistry lab using a very neat science kit called Extreme Ooze that one of our members had.  The kids got to make different polymers.

Tuesday– Charles woke up with strep.  (We knew that’s what it was because Jason had it Sunday.)  The girls and I went ahead and went on a field trip we had planned.  We headed up to Charlotte for a tour of the Operation Christmas Child warehouse.  We do shoe boxes every year for the Operation Christmas Child project, and we’ve toured the warehouse before several years ago, but this time was quite a bit different.  It was much shorter, and the kids really didn’t get to do much except view the warehouse from an upstairs loft and watch a short video.  It is always touching to me to realize everything that goes into this ministry.  Next year Kathryne will be 13, and we can volunteer.

We left the warehouse and headed to the Billy Graham library.  Billy Graham is from Charlotte, right up the road from where we live, but I had not been to this very interesting library that tells about his life and ministry.  Again, I think I probably got more from this trip than the girls.  The tour was rather long- 2 hours- with much of it involving watching videos in the various rooms we went through.  It was very touching to me because I grew up watching the ministry of Billy Graham.  I was also very impressed that the library/tour was not designed to just promote him and talk about how wonderful he was.  It was really a presentation of the gospel.  Very impressive!

Wednesday– Finally, we had almost a full day at home.  We had a day of schoolwork and then headed to church.

Thursday– I had physical therapy in the morning, so the kids did independent work until I came home, and we did some together work.

Friday– We got our school work finished in the morning and then headed to friends’ house to make Christmas cookies.

Next week should be a little less busy (don’t I say that often!), and I’m hoping to start finishing up some things, so we can take a school break for Christmas.

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