Weekly Wrap Up- The Christmas Break Edition

We have officially begun a Christmas Break!  Woohoo.  I seem to be really ready for a break this year.  I was a little concerned that we’d be doing school through Christmas before we could get to a stopping place, but we finished up the science module we were studying, and I declared us done with school.  We actually had a fairly productive week.

Monday: School, school , and more school.  Not much else going on Monday.  Hmm, maybe why we had a productive week?

Tuesday: School (I see a pattern here!) and gingerbread house making with our science group.  No, there was nothing remotely science involved, but it was lots of fun!  On Tuesday evening, Ashlyne had the first of two gymnastics Christmas programs.

Wednesday: Even more school.  We headed to the church in the afternoon to be church mice (the mysterious little helpers that straighten the sanctuary during the week- a job we always do in December) and to have a middle school Christmas party.

Thursday:  Could you guess- more school? Thursday evening was Ashlyne’s second gymnastics program.

Today (Friday): Only a small amount of school.  Kathryne and Charles took science tests for their last module and then made cookies for a cookie exchange tonight.  Ashlyne had a private lesson at the gym.  And, here we are.  It is Christmas Break!

Over the break, I’m going to flesh out our plans for the upcoming weeks.  Rachel has advanced enough that I can begin using the math and phonics books that I had for her at the first of the year.  Woohoo!  I am going to go back to Story of the World for history.  It is not my preference.  I really enjoy Truthquest with its focus on a Christian worldview.  But, our library has updated and changed some policies and it is now very difficult for me to get the books I need through interlibrary loan and keep them as ling as I need them.

For now, I’m looking forward to two weeks of break.

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