Weekly Wrap Up- The Sort of Back to School Edition

Let me just say that I had every intention of plunging eagerly back into school on Monday morning.  But, it came to my attention at the end of last week, that Jason was going to be home on Monday.  So, there was much pleading and cajoling(mostly by the kids but also by Jason who wanted to use them as cheap labor working in our rental house) to persuade me not to start back until Tuesday.  Then, we babysat on Tuesday and Wednesday (which is a whole nother story), so we did do school, but I’m not sure it was high quality school.  Thursday morning Ashlyne was running a fever and I had to take her to urgent care where we ended up with an antibiotic.  So, of course, not much school was done then either.  Today rounded out the week with an extremely productive day.  One out of five isn’t bad is it?

Really, we did get some things accomplished, and I suppose that easing back into a schedule is not a bad way to begin.

* We did two different experiments to look at two different ways that fossils can form.
* We (big kids) did a Latin review, and I found out that maybe they did learn some vocabulary and a small bit of Latin grammar the first semester.
*  Rachel started her new phonics book and picked up with Saxon math- two books that had been too difficult for her at the beginning of the year, but that she is more than ready for now.  Woohoo!
*  The little girls and I read along in Little House on the Prairie.
*  Ashlyne started her new spelling book and only missed two words on the first pretest.  (I know, she’s a genius.)

So, perhaps the week wasn’t a total wash.  And, at least next week won’t be completely starting over.  Right?

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