Weekly Wrap Up- The Still Sick Kids Edition

Ah, a new week with potential to accomplish so much.  And yet, we were up most of the night for several nights with coughing, coughing children.  Charles has had bronchitis, and the girls have had colds (Ashlyne’s was an upper respiratory infection) with coughing. Nevertheless, we plunged bravely on into school work each day.

Monday: We had science group.  This was before Charles was diagnosed with bronchitis, so we still were able to attend.  Even though the day was incredibly cool and gloomy, we enjoyed talking about the planets and their orbits.

Tuesday: I spent part of the day taking Charles to the doctor, but the kids still managed to accomplish their independent work.  I had a planning meeting for our Field Trip Friends group, so I got to get away from leave the sickies for a while and go talk to adults.

Wednesday:  It was a mostly normal school day.  We’re trudging along in our fossils module in science.  I don’t think it is just me, but this chapter of Apologia General Science has seemed very laborious reading.

Thursday:  It was my turn to have a doctor’s appointment.  This was just a regular check up, and I scheduled it early, so we could actually get work done after the appointment.  It was also Charles’s birthday, so I took my boy out to lunch to celebrate his turning 11.

Friday:  Today was another ordinary day.  Hooray. We finished up the science module.  Hooray.  And things actually went pretty smoothly.  Hooray.

We have a friend to spend the night tonight and a day of birthday parties tomorrow.

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