Weekly Wrap Up- A "Normal" Week Edition

I am very happy to report that this was mostly a normal week for school.  Woohoo!  Unfortunately, I had the yucky crud that the kids have all recovered from, but we plunged ahead and actually accomplished quite a bit this week.

Bible: We are still skimming through the Bible with a 90 day overview.  It is taking us well over 90 days because we are alternating reading with studying the Westminster catechism.  But, we’re well into the kings of Israel now.  This week we read about David and Solomon in 2 Samuel and 1 Kings.  We are also covering those catechism questions.  We aren’t memorizing them, but we are taking the time to discuss them.  This week we were looking at the fact that none of us are able to keep the commandments without sin and what that means for us.

History: We read chapters 16-19 in Story of the World vol.4  We are plunging headlong into the first world war.

Science: We finished up Module 7 of Apologia General Science and began reading Module 8.  In module 7, we read about fossils and where they are found.  In Module 8, we’re comparing the uniformitarian view with the catastrophist view of geology.  I love Apologia and feel like I am learning as much or more than the kids.

Picture Study: We are currently looking at pictures by Paul Cezanne.

Music: We listened to The Children’s Corner by Claude Debussey.

Shakespeare: We are almost finished reading A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We’ve enjoyed reading this aloud together.

All of this and literature, AWANA, and math independently made for a good week.  And, we still had time to visit with friends on Tuesday, take Ashlyne to the gym Monday, Thursday, and Friday, and do church things on Wednesday.

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