Weekly Wrap Up: And the Madness Begins

The somewhat lazier days following Christmas break have officially come to an end this week.  Soccer began for Charles- practices two days a week with games to be played two other days a week soon.  Volleyball begins for Kathryne soon.  Ashlyne is still at the gym three days a week.  And the week coming up is our church’s Missions Festival/Global Impact Week- always an exciting but busy week.

Monday– We had a mostly normal day.  I had a doctor’s appointment, but the children seem to actually accomplish something when I’m gone now, so I can come home to school work being done.

Tuesday– We babysat and had Ladies Bible Study.  We still managed to accomplish school.

Wednesday– More babysitting, soccer for Charles, church in the evening.  School still happened.

Thursday- School (day 4 in a row) and science group.  We were studying sound again this week in science- a follow up from last week.  The kids watched some cute videos about sound vibrations and experimented with making some of their own instruments.

Friday– More school today.  The big kids had science tests.  Today was a gymnastics day, and Charles was supposed to have another soccer practice, but it was canceled because of tornado watches.

Charles finished Shiloh this week.  Next week he’ll be starting The Maze of Bones for his next literature unit.  The little girls and I are reading The Courage of Sarah Noble and using the free lapbook from Homeschool Share.  We’re really enjoying it.  I discovered that we are indeed over halfway through Apologia General Science, and finishing the book by May when we take our break seems hopeful.  Woohoo!

Next week will be a busy one because of Missions Festival.  I always plan a light school week during that time.  We don’t take an official spring break, though, so it all balances out.

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