Weekly Wrap Up- Happy Valentines Day Party

We had a (mostly) normal week again this week.  Woohoo!

The little girls and I finished up The Little House on the Prairie.  I think we are going to take a break before we move on to the next book.  I knew when we started The Prairie Primer that we wouldn’t finish in one year. I love those books, but there is so much description sometimes.  I mean, we can read for five pages about Pa building a door.  I think I lose the little girls at that point.  They’ve requested that we do a lapbook next, so I found a free lapbook for The Courage of Sarah Noble on Homeschool Share.

We also finished up another module in Apologia General Science.   I must say, this module- the 4 criterion for life- was some dry reading for me.  Kathryne and Charles both did well on the test, though, so it must have been understandable enough.

Today we hosted a Valentines Party for some other homeschooling friends.  I, of course, forgot to take pictures.  But, we had cute pink sprinkled cupcakes, Doritos, juice boxes; we made Valentine holders and passed out valentines.

I’m afraid that next week won’t be quite so industrious.  I’ve got a dentist appointment; we’ve got Ladies Bible study; and we’ve got science time. Oh well.  Two weeks in a row was pretty good.

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