Weekly Wrap Up- Where We Actually Did School All Week

Anyone who thinks I have it all together in the school department is obviously delusional.  I will say that this week we actually had a full week in which we did “normal” school every day.  Yes, for five days.  No one was sick.  There were no field trips.  And we did school.  For five days. Butwedidn’tdohistorytoday.  But, we did school for five days.  Can you tell I’m proud?

We accomplished:
Bible– We are still skimming through the Bible reading now in the Old Testament through the kings.  It has been interesting this week because Kathryne and I are reading through the Bible in 90 days again, and our reading happened to line up with our group readings in Bible pretty well at the end of the week.
History– We’ve made it through the first World War and have read through some of the revolutions and rebellions that are leading up to World War 2.
Science– We’ve read about what makes something a living organism and talked a good bit about DNA.  I didn’t have some of the supplies for a few of the experiments that Apologia included, so I found some really good videos on Discovery Education that helped illustrate some of the things we read about.
Shakespeare– We finally finished A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  It is amazing how long it can take to read Shakespeare aloud when a 7th grader, 6th grader and 2nd grader are doing the reading.  I will say that we all thoroughly enjoyed the play in the original language- even the young ones.
Charles is almost finished with the Shiloh literature unit.  We’ve picked out The Maze of Bones with a literature unit on Edhelper for his next read.
Ashlyne and Rachel and I are also almost finished with Little House on the Prairie.  We read the part today where the soldiers were making the settlers leave Indian Territory.  We were all sad.

Next week is not terribly busy, but we are babysitting two days and having a Valentines party on Friday, so I don’t imagine I’ll be able to claim five “normal” days next week.

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