Weekly Wrap Up: Planning Ahead

I sat down over last weekend and planned out the rest of school year.  I was hoping to see that we would finish in early May, but we will really probably finish by mid May.  I am planning to drop subjects as we finish them, so that will lighten our load a bit.  It’s always a relief to me to have things planned out.  It makes my weekly planning much easier.

Monday: We had a relatively normal school day ending with gymnastics and a soccer game.

Tuesday: After our school work in the morning, we went to a presentation by a homeschool family who have developed a film business- Shatterpoint– making stop motion films with Legos.  We watched their Jericho film and heard them talk about how they made the films.  The kids really enjoyed the presentation and I did too!  Charles was motivated to make his own stop motion animations which he’s been working on the remainder of the week.
In the evening, I took Kathryne and Charles to see the Hunger Games movie.  The movie itself was pretty good- dark, but we expected that from the book.  Unfortunately, I was unprepared for the previews before the movie.  There were some VERY dark and graphic previews, and we were rather disturbed.  I’ll be thinking twice before watching another PG-13 movie in the theater.

Wednesday: Another relatively normal day with church activities in the evening.  It won’t be much longer before we have a summer break from our Wednesday and Sunday night church activities.

Thursday: We had our regular school work in the morning, followed by gymnastics for Ashlyne in the afternoon.  I took Kathryne and Charles to a library teen activity that had to do with the Hunger Games movie. The library program was better than the movie- especially the previews, and they really enjoyed their time.

Friday: Today seemed rushed.  We got started late, and I was trying to do school and make cupcakes to take the gym for Ashlyne’s 8th birthday today.  It never fails that the more rushed I am, the more questions every one has as they are doing their work.  We finally succeeded.  Ashlyne had gymnastics this afternoon, and then we celebrated her birthday at supper.

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