Weekly Wrap Up: The Science Fair

This week was a mostly normal week of school for us (if there is such a thing).  We did take most of Monday off.  I called it a teacher work day.  After attending the Teach Them Diligently homeschool convention last weekend, I certainly needed a work day to get caught up.  We did host our science group this month, so Monday was science day.  This month we had a mini Science Fair.  So, on Monday, we displayed our projects.

Kathryne made six batches of chocolate chip cookies.  One batch- the control group- was normal.  The other five batches all had one missing ingredient- eggs, flour, vanilla, baking soda, and salt.  She tested the batches to see what happened each time and how the ingredients were necessary.

Charles wanted to look at the diet coke/Mentos experiment and see if Mentos were the only thing that would cause that reaction with soft drinks.  He tried Bottle Caps, peppermints, and bleach tablets, along with the Mentos in both diet coke and Mountain Dew.  We had already learned from one of last year’s science times, that the reaction caused is not a chemical reaction but a physical reaction caused by the round pitted Mentos displacing the carbonation in the soda.  So, he theorized that all of his test items would have some reaction.  He was correct.

I really enjoyed seeing their projects and those of their friends.  We had nine entries all together.  I’d like to see them enter a project into a real Science Fair at some point.

The rest of the week went along rather routinely.  The little girls and I started On the Banks of Plum Creek, the next Little House book for us.  We talked about combustion in science and did a really neat experiment to show that combustion needs oxygen.  Rachel finished her Saxon 1 math book.  I’m going to keep her doing facts practice and probably some extra books/pages I have around instead of letting her start Saxon 2.  She does well in math, but she tends to work better when things are easier, and she freezes up when work becomes too difficult, so I don’t want to push too hard.

I’m looking ahead at our schedule and really hoping we can wrap up around the second week of May for a vacation.  I know we’ll finish history.  I’m pretty sure we’ll be done with our Bible overview.  Science may be a little longer because these last two modules in Apologia General Science have seemed more involved and we’ve slowed down a bit.  Kathryne and Charles will finish their literature units with no problem, but I’m always concerned about finishing math.  I’m still thinking we’re going to have to drag that out a bit.

This weekend, Charles went with our church youth group on a retreat.  Jason went along as a supervisor.  The girls and I have just been hanging around.  Today was actually quite productive.  Kathryne put together two bookshelves that I bought for her room, and I cataloged more of our books.  I’m on a mission to get the all cataloged and our shelves organized!

This was Kathryne’s bookshelf project.  She did well.  I think I should count it as school!

Meanwhile, Ashlyne and Rachel played all day today.  Not really a bad way to spend a Saturday.

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