Weekly Wrap Up: The Week Before A Break

Despite my fears that this was going to be a busy week, we actually managed to accomplish quite a bit.  I’m thankful for that because next week, Jason and I are headed out of town at the end of the week for the Teach Them Diligently Homeschool Convention, and I know we won’t get a full week in.

Monday: We babysat for our favorite almost 3 year old, but we still did a full day of school.  We host science group this month, so we got together Monday afternoon and talked about planning for a science fair.  The kids are doing a mini science fair this month and are supposed to choose an easy to plan and carry out experiment that they present week after next when we meet again.  My kids already know what they want to do.  Now, we just have to get it done next week.

Tuesday: We had another productive day and then headed to Ladies Bible study.  I so enjoy this Bible study time, and the kids like hanging out with all the other homeschool kids there, but I am sort of thankful that next week is our last week for the spring session.  I need some afternoons with nothing.  On Tuesday evening, we had two friends come over to spend the night.  Their mom had surgery, and since they are conveniently homeschooled also, they came over to hang out, so…

Wednesday: We took a vacation day!  We also babysat again.  Despite the crew running in and out of the house, I managed to start working on organizing our bookshelves.  I’ve been putting off this project for a while. But, after more than one instance of purchasing a book twice because I couldn’t find it when we needed it, I feel the need to get it done.  I’m using Library Thing to enter and tag my books.  Then I am going to tag and label my six bookshelves, so that I can easily find things when I need them.  That’s how it will work in theory anyway.  The trick will be teaching the system to the kids, so the books are returned to the proper place.

Thursday: I started my morning with some dental work, but the kids had actually accomplished much of their independent work when I came home.  Then they could laugh at me while I read together work with a partially numb mouth.

Friday:   Today was also productive even though we all slept a little later to make up for the early days we’d had this week.  We also had gymnastics and soccer tonight and celebrated Jason’s birthday with supper, apple crisp and ice cream.

Next week, we have a few busy days and then the convention, so I’m planning a light week.  For more weekly wrap ups, visit Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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