Weekly Wrap Up: And All the Extras

There is no weekly wrap up hosted at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers this week, but she’s had some great Homeschooling 101 posts.  So, I’m posting my own weekly wrap up.  Enjoy!

As our children are getting older and older, I’m noticing that we spend more and more time away from home.  When we first began having children, we had this discussion and decided to limit the activities our kids do so that family time doesn’t suffer.  We’ve never let one child have more than one activity at once (except church), but when that is spread four ways, we’re still busy.  It’s always a struggle to balance all the good and useful activity with the need to be at home as a family (and to budget our finances).

Kathryne is involved in volleyball right now.  She’s never played before but is enjoying it quite a bit.  And I’m surprised at how easily she has picked up some things about the sport.

At church, Kathryne is involved in All Access, our middle school group. (Jason and I help with this group.) And, she teaches Cubbies in AWANA on Sunday nights.  She’s also continued on in her TREK book for AWANA and has earned her Timothy Award this year.

Charles is playing soccer for a competitive rec league.  It’s our first time with this league and it has been a bit of a learning curve for us.  It is much less organized than the church league we’ve been with.  But the coach has been nice, and I think Charles has learned a lot.

He is also involved in our middle school group at church and sings with the middle school choir- Voices of Devotion.

Ashlyne is our gymnast.  She has just been invited to move up to the competitive team at our gym.  This is a big decision because it involves more money and time.  But, she loves the gym and has quite a bit of skill.  She is also singing in our church choir- along with Rachel- and is doing AWANA- along with Rachel.  She and Rachel both finished their AWANA books, the reviews, and the extra credit books this year.  Last night, they performed in the choir program.

Rachel is only involved at church right now, but this summer she is going to do the summer swim league at the Y.

Despite all this busyness, we are still managing to get out school work done.  We’ve completely finished up history now and will be finished with Apologia General Science after this week. We will have finished our Bible overview in two weeks.  And Latin is so close to the end also. Literature and math are still taking up our time, but I’ll be happy if we head into a summer break with just those things to finish.

This week, we’re headed to Great Wolf on Monday just for the day.  It’s Big Splash Day!  Then we’ll plug along with regular work the rest of the week.

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