Weekly Wrap Up: Life With a Toddler Again

This week (and over the next few weeks) we are keeping a toddler.  This is the baby we once kept full time.  She is now almost three, and she will be staying with us on and off as her dad recovers from surgery.  She is oh so sweet, and my children love having her around.  She keeps us hopping as I remember what life was like with a toddler.

This week we focused on getting school work done with her here.  She really has fallen into the swing of things quite easily, but I do try to get the kids up and working earlier than normal so that we have plenty of time to get our work done with pauses throughout the day.  We also had the Come See Festival, a spring festival, in town this week.  On Saturday, Charles ran in the 5K, and the rest of us ran in the one mile fun run.  On Tuesday, I took all the kids to the library for crafts and to a local garden for lunch and entertainment.

All the kids with the Carolina Panthers mascot, Sir Purr:

Of course, we also accomplished some school work.  We’ve finished up reading Story of the World Volume 4 for history, and all that remains is for the older kids to write an essay on a topic of their choice from the Modern Age.  We’re in Module 15, the next to the last science module in Apologia General Science.  Rachel has finished her math book and will just be doing some “filler” worksheets as we finish the year out.  We’ve also stopped logic for the year.  We are halfway through Introductory Logic, and I think we are at a good place to stop and pick up again in August.

It is nice this time of year to finish up subjects check them off.  I’ve also purchased the Olympics Unit from Amanda Bennett to work on this summer.  I like to do a mini unit in the summer, and this will be perfect with the Olympics coming on!

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