Weekly Wrap Up: Spring Break?

Local schools had their spring break this week.  I declined to take a spring break because I’m trying to finish up school sooner.  But, we did do more fun and less school “work” this week.

Monday: I thought I had a meeting to volunteer at our local Children’s Attention Home, a shelter for abused/abandoned children.  So, I left the kids with assignments and went out Monday morning.  As it turns out, I didn’t need this meeting because I have volunteered there before.  So, the kids got a bit of a break, and we did less school work when I came home.  We are going to begin volunteering at the home every other week  helping with homework and playing with kids.

Tuesday: We took a field trip to a local missions support center- JAARS.  JAARS provides support services for missionaries working around the world.  It is linked with Wycliffe missions, a mission focused on Bible translation.  And it’s only about 40 minutes from our house.  Along with other homeschoolers, we got a great look at Bible translation, JAARS’s airplanes and airport, the Alphabet museum (showing the origination of languages and the work of translation), and a Mexico museum (featuring handcrafts from Mexico).

Wednesday: I had another appointment, this one with the dermatologist.  Again, the kids had a lightened school day by the time I returned.  But, we are making good progress in completing things we need to complete.

Thursday: We slept a little later because Jason was off work.  Then we did a small amount of school work and headed out to the river to play and picnic with other homeschoolers from our church.  The weather turned out to be perfect.

Friday: We had a more “normal” day but still ended up with lighter work because we took food for a library appreciation day and stayed to pick out some library books.

This weekend will be filled with Easter celebrating followed by another busy week next week.  It seems that the older my children get, the more those weeks seem to be!

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