Weekly Wrap Up: The End Is In Sight

I can see the end of the quarter coming.  It is not technically the end of our school year because we do a summer “quarter” in June and July.  But that will be a fun and more laid back unit study and less “book work.”  I am always glad at this time of the year to put away subjects we’ve finished and look forward to organizing my shelves and buying new curriculum.

This week we finished our last Apologia General Science module.  We have enjoyed Apologia this year- at least I have, and Kathryne and Charles have mostly.  Next year we’ll be doing Physical Science.

Kathryne has finished her literature unit, reading the last chapter of Anne of Green Gables and doing the activities today.

Ashlyne is through with spelling for the year and Rachel through with math, so both of them have less independent work now.

We are also all finished with AWANA.  This past Sunday was our last Sunday.  So, the kids don’t have AWANA to study anymore.  All of the kids finished books this year, and Kathryne and Charles will receive their Timothy Awards at Sunday night’s awards program.

Kathryne and Charles also finished history essays this week about one topic from the Modern Age.  We haven’t done too much formal writing before this, and I was very pleased with the quality of their work.  It is really true that when you always do narration through the Charlotte Mason method, you are preparing for all kinds of writing and thinking.

This coming week we will only do school two days because we are headed to Great Wolf Lodge for three days.  I think we all need the break for a last burst of energy to finish up our subjects.

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