Weekly Wrap Up: Kidshine, and Spring Show, and Swimming, Oh My!

This was our first official break week, but it was not exactly restful.

Kathryne, Charles, and Ashlyne did Kidshine drama camp this week.  This was our 6th Kidshine experience and my second year as the camp coordinator.  We love their drama camps.  We are very blessed that our homeschool group is used as their training camp each spring.  We get a discounted tuition, and they get to get use us as their guinea pigs.  The week always culminates in a performance on Friday nights.  The performance this year was called Traveling Light and was about the fact that this earth is not our home, and we are traveling to heaven.  The kids prepared me that one of my favorite songs- Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)- was being sung by two very cute little siblings.  So, I knew I was going to cry.  But, they failed to mention that another of my favorites- Where I Belong- was at the very end, right before I had to get up and talk.  Needless to say, my closing words were said with quite a bit of sniffing.  Oh well.

Rachel was not sure what to do with herself while the other three kids were gone.  She spent some time with both sets of grandparents, which helped to occupy her.  But, on Monday, we met some friends at a local play place.  Rachel climbed the climbing wall all the way to the top, a first for her!

Besides the Kidshine program all week, Rachel continued to have Swim Team this week in the evenings.  Her first meets are next week.  She has really learned quite a bit in a short time this summer.  She missed some nights this week with all the other things we had going on, but she has some a long way.  Ashlyne also had her gymnastics Spring Program three nights this week.  This was her last week as a specialty team member.  When she goes back after a break next week, she will be on the girls’ competitive team!

All of this didn’t make for a very restful week off.  Next week will feel more like a vacation week, I hope.  The outdoor pools and water park are open, so swimming is pretty high on our agenda.

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