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When Jason and I attended the homeschool convention in March, we saw these Awesome Science DVDs for sale.  I thought that they looked interesting, but we were purposefully trying not to spend much unplanned money, so we passed them up.  I was excited to later have the opportunity to review this episode of Awesome Science with the kids.

The Facts:

Awesome Science is a Biblical creation based series of science DVDs that use real, on location footage, along with pictures to bring science concepts to life.  The spokesperson is Noah Justice (and occasionally his younger brother).  This installment is Explore the Grand Canyon.  In this installment, Noah uses the earth science from the Grand Canyon and the historical account of the flood from the Bible to show how the canyon’s features formed during the world wide flood.  Kids are introduced to various aspects of earth science and are reminded again and again that science and the Bible are truly compatible.

The Good:

*  We liked that the movie was narrated by a kid.  I think that made it appealing even to my younger set.
*  Everything here is very Biblically based.  True science is compatible with the Bible- even though many secular scientists (and unfortunately some Christians) would argue.  These videos constantly look to interpret scientific findings in light of a Biblical worldview.
*  We use Apologia science, and the information in the video fit perfectly with some things we’ve studied in General Science this year.  I imagine that this would be the case with any Creation-based science curriculum you might choose.
*  The movie was complex enough to offer information to my middle schoolers but appealing to younger kids because of a kid narrator.  It made for a nice multi-aged choice.

The Bad:

*  After the first few minutes that were somewhat exciting, my kids lost interest.  This may have had to do with the fact that they were just ready to be done for the day and not inclined to be very interested in much. But, the entire movie was just Noah talking- with various photos or video showing in the background.  It was hard to hold their interest.
*  Because of all the talking, I felt that there was a lot of information just thrown at the kids with no chance of processing in between.

The Conclusion:

Even though my crew was less than excited about this DVD, I could see these being a useful resource along with a Creation-based science curriculum.  I think it would be better to use the video to present new information and then study the information in more detail through your curriculum.  We were doing the opposite, looking at the earth science of the Grand Canyon.  That was a topic we had studied in detail this past school year.  I would still like to see the other videos in the series.  I love that this is a family project created by other homeschoolers, and I would love to support that!

I received a free copy of this DVD from New Leaf Publishing for review purposes.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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