Weekly Wrap Up: And More School Gets Done

We are achieving a pretty good balance of doing school and having some break time.  This week was a good mix of working on our Olympic unit studies, swimming, and playing with friends.  Rachel finished up swimming this week which will be one less place to have to be.  She really enjoyed it, and I’m glad she really seemed to learn lots.

Monday: A trip to the library started off our day.  Kathryne had already finished one reading record- 15 hours, and I had finished two records-6 books.  We came home and accomplished some school, moving along with our Olympic unit study- which we are all enjoying.  Then I headed out to take Ashlyne to the gym and then Rachel to swim.  We hung around the pool after Rachel’s swim team and let everyone swim for open swim time.

Tuesday: We skipped out on doing school to go and play with some friends.  My friend actually let me leave and get lunch by myself (Woohoo) while my kiddos played with hers!  We headed home just in time for another round of gym, then swim.

Wednesday: We started our day with dental appointments for all four children.  Everyone had good hygiene and no cavities.  But, Ashlyne needed two baby teeth pulled – because they wouldn’t come out on their own.  She was a real trooper and really wasn’t bothered at all by the process.  Kathryne may have to have braces and potentially oral surgery.  She has a permanent tooth growing sideways under her baby tooth.  Uggh.  I was really hoping to avoid braces.  After our eventful dentist trip, we finished up some school and our cousins came over to play.  Then another round of gym and swim and open swimming for all.

Thursday: We caught up on some school in the morning without having to go anywhere.  Hooray.  Thursday afternoon was gym.  For swimming, Rachel had her last meet. She did a good job.

Friday: We had another morning of running.  Th big kids helped my mom with cleaning out some things, and the little girls and I did the grocery shopping.  There is no gym on Friday, but we all went to open swim in the evening.
Next week is our week before the beach trip, so I’ll spend some time getting everything ready.  We are also hosting a neighborhood 5 day club next week.  We’ll have a team from Child Evangelism Fellowship coming to lead a 5 day cub with kids from our neighborhood in the mornings.  I’m hoping for a good turn out.  We also have several play times with friends scheduled.
Maybe we’ll even get a little school work in and finish up our Olympic lapbooks.
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