Weekly Wrap Up: So When Exactly Does the "Break" Part of Summer Come?

I love the new graphic that I’m using as I link up with Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers this week.

This week was a pretty regular week around here, as far as things go.  Ashlyne is still enjoying the competitive level in gymnastics.  She completed her second week as a Level 4 without much ado.  She said she did come closer than ever to crying and quitting yesterday.  They were doing some difficult conditioning. She pushed ahead, though, and is enjoying herself.

Rachel is still swimming.  She missed two evening this week, so she was slower in last night’s meet.  She has come such a long way in knowing the proper strokes, though.  I am very impressed.  I definitely think she is a much stronger swimmer than she was at the beginning of the summer.

Kathryne is enjoying being a part of the cast at Narroway, our local Christian dinner theater.  She and my mom are going to be in the drama starting in August and running through the beginning of October.  She will perform every other weekend during that time.

Charles is the only one without an activity this summer.  He and Jason are preparing to head off for a missions trip to Cleveland the second week of July (after our beach vacation).  He’s missing sports, but I think it is good that he doesn’t have too much going on as they get ready to go off.

We’re still working on the Olympic unit study we are completing this summer.  This week we read four more short bios of athletes and looked at eight more Olympic sports.  I really never knew there were so many.  I guess the little bit of the games that we see during prime time television don’t fully show us all that is offered.  This week was good because we covered volleyball (which Kathryne has played and likes), swimming (which Rachel is doing right now), and gymnastics (Ashlyne’s sport).  We also took a virtual tour through London online, getting a glimpse of the Olympic venues as well as the city of London.

Two nights this week we visited VBS with some homeschool friends.  They live waaaaay out in the country.  We are city folks.  I can get to Food Lion in less than a five minute drive.  If I were really desperate, I could walk.  It is so strange for me to drive and drive and drive to get anywhere.  We had a great time with friends, though; and the kids enjoyed the VBS.  We would have gone longer, but I didn’t want Rachel to miss any more swim; and all the kids except Rachel are spending the night with grandparents tonight, so we couldn’t have gone to this final night.

It is hard for me to realize that in only two weeks, we will be headed to the beach!  The summer is flying by as usual!

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