Oops, I Did It Again

Reader, perhaps you will remember my confession and rather comprehensive look at every homeschool planner on the market here. At the end of that post, I stated (sort of emphatically) that I would NOT buy the new Beta software planner from Well Planned Day.  Well, guess what I bought when I got home from the beach last week.

In my defense, it’s just so pretty.  See:

Who can those beautiful flowers and tempting words “well planned day”?  Obviously not me.

My husband, bless him, tried to stop me.
Jason: Why do think you’ll like this planner when you’ve never liked one that you bought?
Leah: This one is different.
Jason: How?
Leah: It’s just so pretty.

Yes, it sounds pretty pitiful to me now also.

So, there is no trial version of this software.  Until August 1, it is in the Beta stage.  According to the website, I can get a full refund (minus a processing fee) for 30 days.  So, it is sort of a trial period.  Right?

The good news is, it is pretty.  Just like on their picture.  I can even pick the pretty flowered skin I want.

The bad news is…pretty much everything else.  I’m still trying to give it a fair shake.  And they are doing a great job improving the software every few days.  New features are being added.  Things are working more smoothly.  But:
1. As of now, the calendar won’t integrate with Google.  This is a HUGE deal to me, and I didn’t even think of it until I got in there and started poking around.  My whole life is stored on my Google calendar.  It could take months to have to transfer everything.  I’m not kidding.  I did hear on one of the podcast/question and answer sessions that there will probably be the ability to integrate with the Google calendar on the finished product.  We’ll see.
2. Some of it I just can’t figure out.  As of now, there is no “getting started” guide.  There have been several question/answer sessions.  I haven’t attended any live, but I have watched the recordings.  The website says that there will be a text, video, and PDF tutorial after the final release.  I’m pretty tech savvy, but there are some functions here I can’t even begin to understand. And there are some functions that seem to be there on the question/answer video (like calendar colors for different family members) but I can’t get it to do that for me to save my life.
3. If I understand things correctly, assignments will have to be entered individually.  I seem to see how I can give multiple students the same assignment, but I can’t seem to see how to copy an assignment for every day or how to cause assignments to list with an increasing number, page, etc.  So, if I have 40 math pages to assign for the quarter, I have to type every one in separately- “Do page 1.  Do page 2.”  Etc.  That could take forever.

The bottom line -if I’ll ever learn it- is that no piece of software that someone else designed is going to do exactly what I want it to do.  Controlling you think?  Maybe.  Don’t ask my husband.

Maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn this lesson an keep typing my plans away in my Google Docs happily and move on.  Or maybe I’ll get my money back and go buy something else.

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