Resources for Talking to Your Teens

We are really big talkers in our family.  It has always been our policy in our marriage and with our kids to have lots of open and honest communication.  The Hot Button series by Nicole O’Dell is perfect for us.

Nicole O’Dell is a youth culture expert and a mother of four.  She is the founder of a ministry called Choose Now.  It is dedicated to battling peer pressure and helping teens make wise choices.

The Hot Button series is designed to help parents think through hot button topics that they need to address with their tweens and teens.  Each book starts with a Why, When, and How section that explores why we need to address these issues with our teens, when to broach the subjects, and how to bring up some of these difficult issues.  These sections are basically the same in all of the books.

The next section of the book addresses different parts of the topic at hand.  The internet book looked at internet safety, social media sites, and pornography.  The dating book considered when to date, physical affection, and dating a nonbeliever.

In the last section of the book, Nicole points out some action steps that parents can take.  Then she gives scenarios to discuss with your child.  “If this happened what would you do?”  The scenarios give parents and kids the opportunity to discuss difficult issues before they happen and become a problem.

I really, really liked the open communication style of these books.  I liked how Nicole stressed early discussions and being open with your kids.  I liked how she emphasized the need for constant prayer in our relationships with our kids.

The style of the books was easy to read and use.  Each section is followed by bullet points for summarizing the content.  The book’s divisions are very nice to make them easy to follow.  And at the back of each book is a parent/teen study guide designed to help parents and teens get into God’s Word together as they discuss the topics.

I look forward to using the scenarios with my teen and almost teen children.  And, I’d like to get the upcoming Hot Button books to use also.

I received a free copy of these books from the publisher for review purposes.  All opinions are entirely my own.

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