The Homeschool Mothers' Journal: July 27, 2012

  • In my life this week…  I am feeling a little stressed by my children’s social life.  Who knew that as all these little people grew into big people, they would all want to constantly spend time with friends?  I love that they have good friends, don’t get me wrong.  But, I need a personal assistant to keep up with all of it!

  • In our homeschool this week…  Still no school for us.  I did get out history curriculum in the mail, so I am almost done with the first quarter lesson plans.

  • Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…I read a great article this week on Facebook about not rushing your child to “get” a certain skill.  I’ve learned this over the years.  All kids learn and develop at different times.  This is perfectly fine.  Let your child develop at his own speed and don’t listen to anybody else who tells your differently!  Here is the article.

  • I am inspired by… Watching the Olympians.  With no regular TV right now, I’m only watching highlight videos.  But, I love seeing the athletes compete!  

  • Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…  We are going too many places.  But, we have had a fun week.  Ashlyne is still at the gym four times a week.  She’s having a bit of a hard time being on the Level 4 team.  We have some things we are going to try over the next few weeks, but if she doesn’t adapt, we are going to let her move down to a prep op team.  Besides the gym, we’ve had three birthday parties this week.  We’ve gone swimming.  I visited my newly born baby great niece.  Kathryne had Narroway rehearsal.  Her performances begin next Saturday!  She also went to a spa night at the library with a friend.  We had friends over on Friday.  And, we have two friends staying with us through Monday.  Whew!

  • My favorite thing this week was… Is it bad if I say that I enjoyed eating out by myself on Sunday night when I went grocery shopping?  Really, I did enjoy that.  But, I also really enjoyed swimming with friends on Wednesday.  I love warm pool water, and the weather has been just right for that here.  

  • What’s working/not working for us… We’ve let the whole chore thing lapse lately.  With travel and mission trips and VBS in July, we’ve slipped on chores.  I tried to get back on track this week with minimal success.  We’ll keep working next week.

  • Questions/thoughts I have…  I’m very interested to see how it goes with our new history curriculum.  I ended up ditching Mystery of History after doing lesson plans.  Instead, I bit the bullet and bought Diana Waring’s Ancient Civilizations and the Bible.  I’ve wanted it for a while, but it is pricey.  I just couldn’t use Mystery of History after looking closely at it.  It just seemed boring.  (Sorry to any who just love it.)  I love Diana Waring’s so far.  I hope the kids will also!

  • Things I’m working on…  Lesson plans.  I finally finished organizing the bookshelves.  I have over 1250 books.  But, now I know what they are and where they are, so hopefully we can better use them.

  • I’m reading…Two Hot Button books by Nicole O’Dell.  I’ll soon post a review of these.  I’m liking them so far.  They have some very good ideas for broaching hot topics with tweens and teens.

  • I’m cooking…  Ha Ha.  Actually I made homemade pancakes this morning.  I thought about taking pictures and posting them on Facebook, but figured no one would really be impressed.  But I am.

  • I’m grateful for…  My husband who works hard.  He’s out in the heat today cutting grass on his side job.  He is always willing to work to provide for us, so I can stay home and homeschool.  I am so grateful!

  • I’m praying for…Wisdom for the upcoming school year.  I have an official teenager now, and we head into the uncharted high school waters soon.  I pray we will be ready.

  • A photo, video, link, or quote to share…  This is the campfire cake I made for Kathryne’s Hunger Games birthday party this past weekend.  I’ll have to post the whole party details soon.  We had lots of fun!

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