Two Kids Books Reviewed

I usually post book reviews on my Good Reads blog.  But, I thought I’d post these two here because they are both kids books/resources.

The Boxcar children have long been a favorite.  The easy to read stories about four children who lived in a boxcar until they found their grandfather and who now solve mysteries together are a popular first chapter book choice.  The Boxcar Children Beginning is the story of how the boxcar children set off on their own at first.

Set during the depression, this short, easy read book introduces us to Henry, Jessie, Violet, and Benny who will become well-known throughout the series.  We learn what hard times the children fell upon to cause them to leave their home and end up in a boxcar.

This is an easy read and will be popular with the crowd who has enjoyed the Boxcar Children for generations.  The story is sad, so I would take caution with younger, more sensitive readers.

Election by Dan Gutman is a nonfiction book that is designed to help kids understand the upcoming election year.  

There are chapters about who the president is and what he does.  There is information about how political parties and campaigns work.  And there is information about the electoral college and how a president is elected.

I liked the fact that the information in the book was handled in a very factual, non-biased way.  I especially enjoyed quotes from the Constitution involving our government and elections.  I am planning to use this one with my kids as we talk about the upcoming election.

The back of the book is filled with a glossary of government/election terms, a resource list, and a short bio about each president through our current president.

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