Weekly Wrap Up: A Five Day Club Adventure

This week I was able to do something I have wanted to do for a long time: host a 5 Day club. If you’ve never heard of it, a 5 Day Club is sponsored by Child Evangelism Fellowship. The host agrees to open up his/her home or backyard and invite neighborhood children. A team of trained youth come from Child Evangelism Fellowship to sing, teach Bible verses, tell Bible stories, play games, and read a missionary story all week. Child Evangelism Fellowship focuses on sharing the plan of salvation with kids through everything they teach.
I wasn’t sure how our club was going to go. Throughout the year, we’ve had some problems with some of the neighbors, and I wasn’t sure if parents would send their kids. Also, I haven’t really seen many kids around during the day. I know many parents work, and kids go to daycare or summer camps all summer. We passed out 30 fliers inviting neighbors, including the ones we’ve had issues with.
The first day of club dawned sunny and mild; and we had two kids (besides my own four)! These were kids we didn’t know, and I had the privilege of meeting their grandmother- who turned out to be a wonderfully nice lady. The next day our numbers grew to ten. On Wednesday we blossomed to fifteen. On Thursday we were back to nine. And today we finished up with our original six. I thought it was a wonderful week. The kids heard God’s Word again and again. I made a new friend. The kids all had a good time. We had great weather all week. Praise the Lord!
Besides 5 Day club, we had quite a few social engagements. A friend of Charles’s stayed with us on Tuesday afternoon, and we went swimming with another group of friends. On Wednesday Charles went to Carowinds and Kathryne went to youth group with a friend. On Thursday I took Charles and a friend bowling. And Friday we left for the beach right after 5 Day club.
Because of all our socializing, (Who says homeschooled kids lack socialization?!), we didn’t quite finish up our Olympic lapbooks. We will have one day squeezed in between the beach and the day Charles and Jason leave for their Cleveland missions trip. I think we are going to review and finish up that day and be done with our summer unit. We’ll take the rest of July off (except for watching the Olympics and recording results in our lapbooks) and then start fresh in August.
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