Weekly Wrap Up: An Odd Week

This has been an odd week.  Jason and Charles went for the second year in a row to be a part of a father/son mission trip doing football camps in inner city Cleveland.  So, this week was just the girls and I.

I miss my guys when they’re gone.  Yes, I’ll admit that for the first day or so, I like the quiet.  (But don’t tell Charles I said so.)  But by the second day, I’m ready for a little boy noise in the house.  And by the second night, I’m more than ready to have my boy back for bedtime!  (And Jason too!)

So, the girls and I hung out this week doing girly sorts of things.  Actually, they did girly sorts of things while I cataloged books and wrote lesson plans.

I’m organizing my books with Library Thing.  This is because I am so tired of buying a book we need for school only to realize that we already own said book; I just didn’t couldn’t find it.  So, I’ve completed 3 and 1/2 of our 6 bookshelves.  So far I am up to 896 books.  Wow!  So, maybe I don’t need to buy anymore?  We’ll see.

I also wrote lesson plans this week.  I am almost finished with our first quarter lesson plans.  I’ve finally abandoned the idea of finding a planner that I love and just written all my plans out in Google.  I’ve got my quarter plans all planned out on a spreadsheet and then I’m just going to copy and paste assignments into weekly assignment sheets.  It should be easy to reschedule and adjust because I have things written by assignment, not by date. So we can work faster or slower as needed.

Just when I had accepted the fact that I would never find a planner I loved, I stumbled upon the new Schoolhouse Planners in my Schoolhouse Teacher’s membership.  If you haven’t checked it out, for $5.95 a month you can get daily lesson plan ideas and free ebooks and a free set of Schoolhouse Planners.  So, I checked them out, not expecting to actually like a planner.  I’m still not sure I would use this in place of what I did in Google.  But these planners are amazing simply because of all the different forms they have.  These are PDFs that you can edit and then resave or print.  Just in my browsing tonight I found all kinds of fact sheets for kids, assignment sheets, calendars, library books, books read, field trips, grade sheets, report cards, and so much more.  Even I was impressed.  (This is an affiliate link, btw; but I would recommend it anyway.  I’m that impressed.)

So, now I am all fired up and ready to start school.  Woohoo!  Except that we have VBS next week.  And my kids might mutiny if I suggest this because we did “Summer school” in June and they expect July off.  So, I guess I’ll have to wait until August to break out my plans.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my guys being home- late tonight!  And to our VBS next week.

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