Weekly Wrap Up: Fall Schedules and Babysitting and Fun Friday

We’ve been back to school for three weeks now, but this week public school started back here; so sports and everything else we are involved in started up this week.  It is nice to finally be “in sync” with the schedules around us.

We also were babysitting the first part of this week.  Our little Abby, that we have kept on and off since she was a baby, stayed with us this week as her dad started a new job in another county.  Her mom found a job in the same county- which is a great thing for them, but we will miss Abby.  We were glad to get to have her this week.

Normal school schedule.  We had Abby, so she just hung around and played while we did school.  In the afternoon, Rachel had swim.  Her instructor at the Y is going to change swim to Tuesday/Thursday for September, so she’ll be able to do it at least one more month.  She has discovered a real love for swim club.

Normal school schedule.  Abby was with us again.  Ashlyne had gymnastics in the afternoon.  Her new fall schedule is Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday.  The 3:30 start time helps to make sure that she is done with her school work before we need to go to the gym.

Normal school schedule.  Abby was with us for one more day.  She hung out again while we got lots of work done.  Our church activities started back on Wednesday, so I didn’t have to cook supper.  We had Wednesday night dinner.  And the big kids had youth group. while the little girls had choir.

We did Bible and history together and then headed out to the library.  We returned and checked out books and really hit the jackpot when we stumbled on to a huge Shakespeare section that I didn’t know existed!  We had lunch out with Grandmama and then Ashlyne had gym.

Today was our first Fun Friday co-op.  We did this a few years ago, but the big kids didn’t really enjoy it and felt there wasn’t much for their age group.  This year, there seemed to be more offered for them, so we signed up.  Today was a good day.  The older kids are taking photography, cooking, and science experiments.  The younger girls have book club, world cultures, and puppets.  The younger crew had a great time today.  The older kids had fun also, but they wished they had DONE more instead of listened as much. Of course, they make the same complaint to me; so I don’t think this was anything new.
This co-op is four hours, counting the lunch hour.  I help for the 1st grader’s lunch and science with the 5th-8th graders in the afternoon.  The first two hours I have free to visit with other moms and just hang out.  So I had a great time today!

Next week, we’ll add soccer into the mix, and then Rachel’s swim will change to the Tuesday/Thursday schedule.  So, we’ll see if things keep going as smoothly.

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