Weekly Wrap Up: It's the End of August?!!

I am absolutely amazed to find myself on the last day of August already.  Even Charles, who usually complains about the slow passage of time, has commented on how quickly the summer has gone by.

This week was, thankfully, very normal and very not busy.  In fact, not much of anything happened this week.  But, here are some highlights.

I am loving, loving, loving our new history curriculum.  I commented to my skeptical husband this evening that this is one of the few more pricey curricula that I have purchased and actually loved as much as I thought I would.  Diana Waring’s Ancient Civilizations and the Bible has been so much fun for me to teach.

Charles said he didn’t like this curriculum because “with Story of the World I could just pretend to listen while you read, and I didn’t really have to pay attention.”  Um, yeah.  So, I now I’m feeling a tad bit guilty and wishing I had definitely invested in something different before now.  But, he and Kathryne were pretty happy when they got to do their unit wrap up projects this week.  He made a stop motion video about the creation of man, and Kathryne wrote about the experiences of GiGi, a seasick giraffe on the ark.  You can see their projects here.

We dropped our Y membership this week.  We are summer Y members.  We join in May (during no joining fee month) and take advantage of the pools and swim lessons and activities through the summer.  Then we drop our membership when school starts back and the outdoor pools close.  The cost is restrictive for us, and we just don’t go as often when we have other activities going on.  So on Thursday we had a final day of hanging out at the Y.  We finished up some school work and then headed to the Y to play racquetball (or our misguided attempt at such), hang out in the game room, and swim in the indoor pool.

Most of our fall activities are in full swing.  Ashlyne is still enjoying the Bronze group at the gym.  This prep op competitive team has been lots of fun for her, and she isn’t complaining yet about having to get up on Saturday morning for practice.  Charles’s soccer will begin on Tuesday, which will give me two practices with two different kids at the same time.  I’m very thankful for my parents who are going to help.  My mom will do Ashlyne’s gym day on Tuesdays, so I can do soccer.  Ladies Bible Study and our Science Time haven’t started yet but will in the next few weeks.  And then we’ll be back full steam ahead.

This coming week is also looking blessedly peaceful.  I’m always thankful for that!

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