Weekly Wrap Up: Officially Back to School

This week was officially back to school for us.  Things went well, despite some misgivings by the kids.  Most of our public schools don’t go back until the 20th.  But we run on our own schedule.

I was pretty happy with the way things went this week.  I need to get up earlier, so we can hit the books a little earlier.  We are a late family by nature, and this fine for all of us; but with gymnastics and other activities in the afternoon, we really need to get started a little sooner.

My favorite new curriculum by far is our history.  I took the plunge and purchased Diana Waring’s history curriculum this year.  I’ve looked at it longingly for a while now and haven’t really been happy with history.

The kids aren’t sure they like it so much yet.  For one thing, it is more detailed.  We’re spending more time on history each day (which is really a good thing but one they aren’t used to).  And there are audio CDs of the author reading/talking.  Now for some reason, my children, who enjoy listening to me read aloud, don’t like listening to most audio CDs.  They keep asking me to just read this information, and I can’t.  It isn’t there to read.  It’s only on the CD.  I think if we can get past that and the fact that we spend longer on history each day, they are really going to like this curriculum also.  There are so many opportunities for ACTIVE learning here!

All of our other subjects are much the same.  We start in slowly each August, so that means we didn’t do some of our extras- like picture study, poetry, Latin, and logic.  We did start reading Macbeth, our Shakespearean drama for this semester.

Our extracurricular activities aren’t in full swing until the end of the month either.  Ashlyne has had gym time all summer, but she changes to fall schedule on the 20th.  Charles won’t start soccer until the week of the 20th.  And our church programs kick off that week also, so we’ll be going to choir and AWANA.  Kathryne will be in the Narroway drama production she’s doing until October, but that will only involve every other weekend for her.  And Rachel will actually finish up swim club the end of August as other programs are starting.

All in all, I would say we had a good first week.  I had two blessed days of going NOWHERE, and that is a major feat for me.  With a little schedule tweaking and adding in some more electives next week, I think we are off to a good start.

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