Weekly Wrap Up: We're Almost Back to School

You know, I just wish I would run into one of those “what about socialization” folks right about now.  I was thinking today of all we’ve done over the last month or so.  I honestly cannot remember a week where we didn’t (1) have a friend over (2) go over to a friend’s house (3) have children spending the night with us (4) have our children spending the night with others in the last two months.  That is not counting hours spent Facetiming, Facebooking, or emailing.  Really.  Do not talk to me about socialization.

We are starting to drift out of our summer mode into our school mode.  The big plan is to start back next week.  I have all the lesson plans done, assignment sheets ready for next week, and school supplies purchased.  I know I’m more ready than the kids are, but we are all (sort of) looking forward to next week.

This week, we had some friends of the little girls to spend the night several nights.  Their mom, my friend, was out of town with their older brother for a missions trip.  All of the girls were so good together and had such a great time.  I would have just kept them, but I think their family might disagree.  And Charles might stage a rebellion if he had more sisters!

We also had a science planning day this week. For the past two years, we’ve gathered with a couple of other homeschool families from our church to do science experiments twice a month.  We’ve planned it again for this year.  So, Tuesday was our planning day.  We take the state science standards for the grade of most of our kids and plan out experiments for twice a month from September to May.  Our kids all look so forward to science time every other week.  I’m sure they would just as soon skip the science and play.  But, there we go with that pesky socialization again.

Ashlyne has had some trouble in the gym moving up to the competitive level team.  She was asking to move down to the prep op level.  What we finally figured out after talking, and talking and talking was that she (1) missed her friend that didn’t move up (2) didn’t like the coach in the new group, and (3) didn’t feel like she was good enough.  We scheduled some private lesson practice times with the new coach, and that, plus all our talking seems to have helped her.  Tuesday and Thursday she was back to her old, happy self at the gym.

Today we braved the SC tax free weekend to go school supply shopping.  I love new school supplies, and I get as caught up as the kids in the smell of new notebooks and the beauty of fresh, sharp crayons.  So this year I made supply lists for each child.  They enjoyed the responsibility of finding their supplies, even though I had to guide them to the more, um, frugal choices occasionally.

Tomorrow we’ll have two more birthday parties to attend, and then it’s BACK TO SCHOOL!

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