An American History Curriculum

Right now we are all doing history together as a family and using Diana Waring’s history curriculum; and I love it.  However, as my older children head into high school. I know that they may need something a little more in depth; and they will need American history as a graduation requirement for our state.  So, I reviewed James P. Stobaugh’s American History.

This curriculum is geared toward 10th grade students and is student directed.  The student book includes chapters broken down into five lessons.  Each lesson has a reading section and then questions.  The fifth lesson of each chapter is a test.  The teacher’s guide has answers to all of the review sections and the tests.

There were quite a few things I really liked about this curriculum:

1.  It is student directed.  If I choose to have the older kids use it as they hit 10th grade, they could do it independently.
2.  It has a distinct Christian worldview.  This is one reason I began using the Diana Waring curriculum and something I definitely want to continue as the kids head into high school.
3.  The questions are critical thinking/essay questions rather than simple answer questions.  Spouting off historical facts and dates doesn’t truly indicate any understanding of history.  Thinking questions show a grasp of the material.

There are also British History (11th grade) and World History (12th grade) installments of this curriculum.

I received a free copy of this material from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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