Weekly Wrap Up: The One After Vacation

Last week we were at the beach, so I was ready to get back into a good school routine this week. Because we started the first week of August, we are almost through with our first quarter.  At the end of October will be the end of our quarter one.

This week went amazingly smoothly to be the week after vacation.  I’m loving some of the curriculum we’re doing this year which makes things fun for me.  Attitudes of certain children have improved with prayer and effort, and I feel like that is easier for us now.

Highlights of this week:

*We are enjoying or history curriculum by Diana Waring.  This week was a mapping/arts and architecture week.  Kathryne choose to do a bead mosaic as her artwork (going along with the findings from ancient UR), and Charles chose to build a ziggurat on Minecraft.  The little girls did a word search and maze with me that day.

* The little girls and I are also enjoying the Apologia notebooks that go along with our Astronomy book.  This week we read about Venus and used butter and flour to make lava.

* Charles was on a cooking kick.  He made breakfast Wednesday morning- bacon and eggs and cinnamon toast.  On Thursday he used chicken, jalapeno peppers, and sub rolls that he picked out to make a “signature sandwich.”  I wish I knew how to cook better, so that he could learn more!  I would be glad to relinquish my role as cook.

* On Tuesday we started our fall session of ladies Bible study.  We moms meet and do a Bible study (James this semester), and a bunch of our homeschooled kids play.  My two older kids are both with the helpers this year, so it will be lots of fun!

It was a good week back in the swing of things.  Next week, Kathryne has an orthodontist appointment; we have ladies Bible study again, and it is co-op week.  So, it will be a little busier.

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