Weekly Wrap Up: Shaving Crayons, Science, and Pirates

This week’s highlights:

1. Shaving crayons- Why?  I don’t know.  But for some reason it was the favorite past time this week.  We decided to use the shavings to make some recycled crayons.

2. Pirate night at youth group.  Ahoy, Matey.  This Wednesday was the first night of our pirates, robots, ninjas, and zombies series in youth group.  We talked about Josiah, the first pirate who found buried treasure in the books of the law in the restored temple.  Kathryne, Charles, and I dressed for the occasion.
3. Braces for Kathryne.  The first Courtney child to have braces, Kathryne got her separators put in this week.  She’s experiencing quite a bit of soreness.  So, I’ve resorted to cutting up her food like I did when she was a toddler.
4. A new science curriculum for Charles.  I mentioned last week that Apologia has proved very difficult for Charles to read on his own.  So, I bought Christian Kids Explore Physics from Bright Ideas Press.  So far I’m loving what I’ve seen.  I plan on having him use it this year and then go back to the Apologia Physical science book next year when he really would be a 7th grader.
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