Weekly Wrap Up: Vacations, and Friends, and Co-op

Monday we took an impromptu day off.  I had intended to have school as normal even though it was Labor Day, but our cousins were spending the night at Jason’s parents’ house, so Charles joined in to the fun and spent Sunday night.  We used the opportunity to have the little girls spend the night with friends also, so we had an almost child free evening.  Kathryne says she’s a full teenager now and doesn’t count as a child.

Tuesday was a normal school day, followed by gymnastics for Ashlyne.

Wednesday was a sort of normal day.  I had an appointment, so we finished together work, and I left the children with instructions for lunch and independent work.  I came home to a very messy kitchen and a fort built in the school room.  I think it wasn’t the most productive school day.  But, we did pull it together and get some things done before dinner, choir, and youth group in the evening.

Thursday was another normal school day followed by gymnastics.

Today was Fun Friday co-op.  This is our second biweekly Fun Friday, and I think we are all having fun.  The older kids are especially liking culinary arts.  They made tacos and cupcakes today.  They’re also learning to take some cool pictures.  This morning, they found a snake on their trip outside to take photos.  They took some cool pictures, but for some reason I’m having trouble getting them to upload.  You’ll just have to take my word for it.  They also had lots of fun in science today where we tested acids and bases.  Homework was to make a model of an atom of their choice, and the came home to work on it immediately with our neighbor who is also in Fun Friday.

One adjustment I have decided we need to make this week is in Charles’s science.  He is an 11 year old seventh grader because he has always been ahead.  Last year he and Kathryne did Apologia General Science together, and we didn’t have many problems.  I read most of the reading out loud.  This year I have Apologia’s Physical Science for them, and he is very frustrated.  I’m having them do all of the reading, and he is just struggling.  So, I ordered Christian Kids physical science, one I’ve looked at for quite a while.  It looks like a lower reading level and more activity based.  My thought is that if he makes it through that introduction to physical science this year, he can jump back in to Apologia next year.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

We have one more regular week of school, and then we will break for a family trip to the beach!  Woohoo!

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