Ancient World History and The Genius of Ancient Man

I’m loving our Ancient Civilizations and the Bible history course by Diana Waring, and I was excited to pick up The Genius of Ancient Man by Don Landis and a research team from Jackson Hole Bible College for review.

The researchers from Jackson Hole Bible College look at the fact that, contrary to popular evolutionary ideas, ancient man was quite intelligent.  They present good amounts of research that indicates that ancient man was indeed created to be an intelligent, thoughtful creature as the Bible indicates.  Looking at ancient cites and ancient “mysteries” about man’s development, this team of researchers present photos and documentation to support a Biblical view of creation.

I found this to be an excellent companion for our ancient history curriculum.  The illustrations and examples made this a book I could easily share with the kids in our study.  The quality of the research presented was very good, making the book an interesting and in depth study for me also.

I’m always encouraged by writings that can show my children that intelligent and educated people do have very significant and supportable reasons to believe the truth of the Bible.  I believe that they need to be taught why we believe the way we do, how other people view the world, and how to give a defense of their faith.  Books like The Genius of Ancient Man help with that. When historical and scientific findings can be presented in such a knowledgeable and scholarly way, the kids can see that what the Bible tells us really does make sense from an educated perspective.

I highly recommend this one as a supplement to any history/science curriculum!

I received a free copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions expressed are entirely my own. document.write(‘

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