Weekly Wrap Up: I Have a Job!

I got a job this week!  I am working in the afterschool care at the gym where Ashlyne does gymnastics.  I actually applied for this job a couple of years ago, but at the time they were looking for someone who would drive a bus/van to pick up kids.  And I didn’t want to do that.  The program has grown now, and they needed some workers who didn’t drive.  So, I’m working every afternoon from 2-5:30/6.  The hours are good because we can do school before we go.  The kids don’t actually have to go at all if they’d rather stay home since I have older kids now.  And I’m at the gym several days a week with Ashlyne anyway.  It will be a nice supplementary income.  This week I only worked on Thursday and Friday, so we could have some time to adjust our schedules.

School went normally this week.

History: I’m still loving our curriculum, and the kids are enjoying it more and more.  This week was project week for the unit.  Kathryne wrote a puppet production about Abram and Sarai leaving Ur and performed it for us.  Charles wrote a news story about the confusion at the Tower of Babel.  And the little girls performed a play about the Tower of Babel.

Science:  I LOVE the notebooks for the elementary Apologia science courses.  We’re doing the astronomy notebook.  This week was a continuation of our study of Venus.  We did a project to illustrate how radar works.  We set up a box with crumpled newspaper covered in paper mache.  I covered the box with cloth and mapped a grid on it.  Then we poked a skewer marked in different colors into the cloth in each square of the grid and mapped what we found on a paper grid.  Using our results, the girls could guess what the paper in the box looked like.

Fun Friday: This Friday was our co-op.  The big kids are loving their cooking class.  This week they made pizza and fall bars (like a spicy brownie).  The little girls worked on a Johnny Appleseed lapbook.  That should tie in nicely with our trip to the apple orchard next Friday.

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