Weekly Wrap Up: No More Job

Yes, I know that was fairly short-lived.  It was only three weeks ago that I was posting about my job.  But, I decided to quit this week.

Physically, my fibromyalgia has gotten much worse.  I realized that even more after being on my feet for three hours each afternoon after keeping house and teaching my kids all morning.  I just couldn’t do it.  Monday afternoon I had a huge migraine (that hasn’t really left).

I also realized that this was harder on my children than I had expected.  Last week three out of four had bad colds/respiratory viruses that included fever and coughing and that culminated in pneumonia in Kathryne.  Because of this, I had to leave them at home every day while I went to work.  The little girls didn’t like being at the gym without the big kids because they felt rather overwhelmed.  The adjustment was difficult.

And so this week (after Monday) was recovery week.  I was home in the afternoons.  We were able to catch up on some school after all the sickness.  I had and appointment at the pain clinic on Wednesday and a physical therapy appointment today.  We have things to try, and I’m feeling slightly hopeful.

In school things this week:

We are in Ancient Egypt in history.  This week was timeline and digging deeper week.  Kathryne choose a mummification project, and Charles choose to use Minecraft again to build a scale model of the Great Pyramid.  Both of their projects turned out to be longer, so they will continue them during project week.

Ashlyne, Rachel, and I finished reading A Little Princess this week, so all of us watch the movie yesterday and today at lunch time.  I experienced on of the things I think is truly cool about homeschooling.  Charles would never have picked A Little Princess to read.  But, over this semester, he’s grown increasingly interested as I’ve read aloud to the little girls.  The last few weeks, he’s always made sure to be where we were when we read.  He ended up really enjoying this book (a great classic with a wonderful moral) and looking so forward to seeing the movie.  I love that the kids learn what they don’t even mean to!

We wrapped up many things- Kathryne’s literature project and science module, the literature unit for the little girls, the current phase of our history unit.  The end of October is the end of our Quarter 1.  I plan to take next week to do a special election unit and then start Quarter 2 the first full week of November.

Tomorrow is a family trip to Spartanburg to watch Ashlyne in her second gymnastics meet.   Her first meet resulted in a 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place and a 1st place All Around for her age group.  I think she’s enjoying this.

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