Review of a Great Homeschool Resource: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I have long been a fan of The Old Schoolhouse.  I’ve purchased products from the store.  I’ve used SchoolhouseTeachers.Com.  I’ve subscribed to the weekly newsletter and received tips and encouragement.  I was a subscriber to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine in print. Recently the magazine has gone digital and is free to read online and on mobile apps.

I browsed through the November issue of The Old Schoolhouse digital magazine just recently and was very pleased with what I found.

The magazine is a good mix of encouragement, instruction, and homeschooling advice.

I love the show and tell section that gives a glimpse of a homeschooling family in action. It’s always nice to see how things work for other families.

I was also very pleased to see that this month’s issue had an article addressing community resources for homeschooling families.  We’ve used community sports, theater, and 4H in our family, and it was nice to see some ideas about how those resources can work to supplement our homeschooling.

One of the main themes of this month’s issue is art and music.  This is coming at a perfect time for me because I’ve been struggling with art and music in our homeschool.  These are two areas that I don’t feel I know so much about.  It was good to see some resources listed and some practical ideas given for teaching these subjects.

I think one of the most interesting things about this magazine is that the articles cover not only homeschooling encouragement and advice but also they give some information for me as a homeschooling parent.  There is a special feature in this November issue about the Amish.  I’ve long been intrigued about the Amish lifestyle and have read books- fictional and non-fiction- that depict the Amish way of life.  So it was interesting to read more about their culture and way of life.

One of the drawbacks of this magazine in digital form is that I have a difficult time navigating through the digital issue online.  I have to zoom in and out constantly to be able to read the pages, but then the page doesn’t fit in my screen.

The remedy for this is the mobile app.  I have The Old Schoolhouse app for my Kindle Fire, and it is wonderful.  It is much easier to read.  The articles are listed in a table of contents, and I can go straight to the article I want.  The font size is much better also, and I don’t have to zoom in and out to see.

I’ve been very pleased with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  It’s definitely a resource and encouragement for any age or stage of homeschooling.  There are articles that are relevant for me with my middle schoolers as well as information I can use in schooling my younger children.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for
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