Weekly Wrap Up: a Calm and Ordinary Week

This was a good week for our homeschool.  Nothing dramatic happened which is a good thing really.  I had almost concluded that nothing happened at all in our week, but as I started to think about my wrap up, I realized that we had had some things that were interesting.

* Doctor visits– I’ve had more doctor;s appointments lately as I am working on different treatments for my chronic pain.  I had two appointments this week.  For one the kids went with me and did school work in the waiting room as they waited for me.  It was my physical therapy, and I could actually see them in the waiting room as I worked.  They did a very good job and accomplished quite a bit.  For the other appointment, I left them at home.  The did a good job then also, finishing most of their independent work while I was gone.

* Voting- On Tuesday all the kids wanted to go with me to the polls.  So, we went to my physical therapy appointment, and then headed out to vote.  I didn’t have a line at all, even though I had prepared the kids for that possibility.  They were very interested in the whole voting process because we did the mini unit/lapbook last week about elections.  The big kids stayed up to watch the results come in.  They were disappointed, but it was really a good opportunity to let them see a proper attitude toward our country’s authority (even if we don’t agree).

* Oral Book Report Day– We have a homeschooling friend family who always plans an oral book report day for many of our homeschooling friends in November.  We had our annual book report day on Friday.  Kathryne reviewed Twilight.  I almost felt like that was a cop out- too easy- but she is doing the Twilight unit study that I borrowed here.  Charles reviewed The Maze of Bones- his literature book from the spring.  Ashlyne reviewed A Little Princess that we had just finished in their literature unit.  I didn’t have Rachel do a report.  The older kids thought this unfair- especially as Ashlyne had to do one last year in her second grade year.  But, I really thought she would freeze up andnot do it.  Ashlyne had a moment of panic when she first stood up in front of about 30 people- friends and their moms, but she recovered nicely and did a great job.

* A New Refrigerator– Yesterday afternoon and today were spent in installing my new refrigerator.  My secondary freezer died a couple of months ago, and I have been sorely in need of more freezer space.  I also always need fridge space, so we decided to look at a whole new refrigerator instead of just a freezer.  We went to Lowes Monday, and I looked longingly at the ones with the double doors and a drawer at the bottom.  They were quite expensive and not in our budget.  But as I gazed and dreamed, Jason walked up and told me that one was in scratch and dent for much cheaper.  It had a bad gash on one side, and the price was significantly reduced.  The great thing is that in our kitchen, the gash doesn’t even show because it is against a wall.  I think it is wonderful that God provides such things as nice refrigerators that we really wanted and thought we couldn’t have.

Only a few more weeks until holidays are fully upon us.  I hope next week is as peaceful and productive as this one.

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