Weekly Wrap Up: What Have We Been Doing?

Hmm, I’ve realized that I haven’t been “wrapping” our week very faithfully and that it has been quite a while since I posted pictures of what we’ve been doing.  So, this week’s wrap up is more of a “look what we’ve been doing lately.”

A couple of weeks ago we spent a Thursday afternoon at Ray’s Splash Planet, and indoor water park just a little ways away.  Thursdays are homeschool days with a significantly lower admissions price, and it is usually not very crowded.  On this day, we met up with some homeschool friends and had a great time swimming and talking.

Ancient Egypt was our most recent history unit.  For their projects, Kathryne made a tomb for a dead pharaoh and Charles made a scale model of the Great Pyramid on Minecraft.  I told him he couldn’t continue to use Minecraft for EVERY history project, but I was impressed with the math skills he used to make the scale model and with his attention to details.

Last Friday was oral book report day.  We have some homeschool friends who host an oral book report day every fall.  Charles reported on The Maze of Bones, Kathryne chose Twilight, and Ashlyne did The Little Princess.

Not school related in the least, but Charles got his hair cut this week.  Isn’t he handsome?

Today was our Thanksgiving feast at Fun Friday co-op.  We made and took the cute turkey cupcakes, and we all ate turkey, ham, green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, rice, and so much more.

Charles even sneaked in a picture of me serving.

So, there we are.  It is hard to believe we are almost at Christmas break.  Next week is going to be a short school week with lots of good Thanksgiving stuff going on.

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