Let The Planning Begin

It seems that every time we take a long break, I get the planning itch.  This Christmas break has definitely been too long.  It seems as if we haven’t accomplished anything productive since Thanksgiving.  (Although I must say that today went MUCH better with lapbooking.  We all enjoyed it and learned something and everyone- even older kids- asked me to keep reading books about our study.)

So, I’ve been bitten by the planning bug.  I sat down last night and revamped our weekly schedule.  I’ve long used Simply Charlotte Mason as a model for my weekly schedule.  I wanted to include a few of the things I liked from Schoolhouse Teachers.com like the spelling lists for my older kids, Spanish for all of us, and Media Socialization for the older kids.  So I added those in.

It’s looking pretty good.  I keep Fridays light because we have Fun Friday co-op every other week.  And on the alternate weeks I use Friday as a catch-up day.

Now I’m getting pretty fired up to review and tweak my lesson plans for the rest of the quarter (through February).  I’ve gotten some new music and art things (which I’ll be posting about later), and I want to add those plans.

I know I may seem a little obsessive. (I can hear some of my local friends laughing..)  But this really is fun for me.  It’s one of my favorite things about homeschooling.

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