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Photobucket I have long been a fan of The Old Schoolhouse. I’ve been a subscriber of the print magazine, I’ve purchased from the curriculum store. I’ve been a subscriber to the newsletter, The Homeschool Minute. One of my favorite resources from The Old Schoolhouse has been SchoolhouseTeachers.Com.  So I was very excited when I found out that the first product I was able to review as a new member of the TOS Review Crew was SchoolhouseTeachers.Com.


 There are so many good things I could say about Schoolhouse Teachers as a resource. I told a real life friend of mine that I thought Schoolhouse Teachers could truly be used as a complete homeschool curriculum I especially think this is true for newbie homeschoolers who are just getting their feet wet and don’t want to invest lots of money before they discover what sorts of things work well for their families.

Membership to the Schoolhouse Teachers site is priced at $5.95 a month. Users can get a month’s trial for $1. And you can choose a yearly membership for $64.26. There are so many things included with membership that it is hard to list them. 

Members have access to the entire library of Schoolhouse Planners. This was a big deal to me. As my readers know, I’m somewhat addicted to planners. I actually prefer to do my planning online. But the Schoolhouse Planners have so many wonderful printable forms that I’ve found many to be useful. And planners who prefer a “hard copy” of everything will be very pleased with the Schoolhouse Planner’s many options.

 Members also receive a free ebook each month. This month’s free book, Homeschool Dialogues, is a collection of conversations with well-known homeschool leaders. I look forward to reading my copy, which I’ve already sent to my Kindle. There are also additional Ebooks added to your account each month. So, if your membership lasts for an entire year, you’ll receive 150 more free ebooks. Some of these are thematic unit books which I especially love. I use unit studies quite frequently -especially for literature- and I love to find free thematic units.

The greatest thing about the Schoolhouse Teachers membership is all the great teaching tools.  The site is divided into categories- PreK/K-Elementary, Middle School, High School, Family, Dailies, Teachers’ Library.  Within these categories are all kinds of lesson plan goodies written by some well-known names among homeschool curricula.   There are lessons for history, art, science, Spanish, guitar, film making, social media.  The Dailies section has a daily activity for math, grammar, art, explorers, astronomy, and more.  The library section has book lists for most of the academic subjects as well as a monthly book list on a changing monthly topic.

In addition to all of these wonderful teaching resources, the Schoolhouse Teachers site offers a monthly menu calendar filled with recipes for every day of the month and a lesson plan archive to go back and find great lessons you missed.

Two new resources caught my eye immediately. There is a brand new Everyday Games section coming soon.  I was thrilled to find a sampler filled with math games.  I printed them out right away because there were quite a few my younger girls could use to practice skills they are learning as well as games that were difficult enough for my older kids to practice their skills.

The other thing that I loved right away was the new Daily Checklist section.  One of my initial concerns about using all of the wonderful resources here as a primary curriculum was “How will I ever keep it all straight, and how can I make sure we are covering everything?”The Daily Checklist covers all those bases.  There is a checklist for each grade level with the days of the month listed and what should be covered using all of the lesson plans on the site.  There is an additional blank checklist to add any additional subjects that your family studies.  My organizing, planning brain immediately sees the potential that this has to make Schoolhouse Teachers a complete curriculum site.

In my family we are already using the Dailies section to practice daily math and grammar.  I was pleased to find that I could print them out and use them with all of my children.  My younger girls (grades 2 and 3) can learn the concept new and my older kids (grades 7 and 8) can review the concept.  They groaned a little at first- “More added work?”, but they realized that this was a short and sweet and often fun daily exercise.  I plan to continue using these after our Christmas break, and when we resume regular work (we are now doing an abbreviated schedule through the holidays), I plan to incorporate several of the other dailies into our regular assignment sheets.

I am also using the book list in our schooling.  This month’s list was all about music and composers.  I was happy to find many of the books through our library’s inter library loan.  I know we won’t have time to read them all together, but I will introduce them all, read a few, and then have the others available in our family library for the month.

When we start back with our regular schedule after the holidays, I also plan to use the Media Socialization class as an elective for my middle schoolers.  Both of them are of the age that they want to be involved in social media- Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.  I’m aware of the impact that these media sites have and the dangers inherent in them.  I’ve previewed the class and am very impressed by the research that is introduced and the topics that are addressed.  My middle schoolers are intrigued by the idea of a Media Socialization class.

There really isn’t much negative that I could say about Schoolhouse Teachers.  My major complaint- that it was all just too scattered- has really been addressed by the Daily Checklist.  There are a few classes that I wish were a little more “meaty.”  I was slightly disappointed by Everyday Easels because I’d like an art appreciation course with a little more to it.  But, I’ve been a little picky about most of the art courses I’ve considered.

I’m very pleased with my membership to Schoolhouse Teachers.  I’m excited about the potential for our homeschool.  I’m glad to be able to recommend this to people who say to me, “I’d love to homeschool, but I just can’t afford curricula.”  I’m very thankful that The Old Schoolhouse has offered this to the homeschool community.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this product through the Schoolhouse Review Crew in exchange for
my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.
All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family. I am disclosing this in accordance with
the FTC Regulations.


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